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The Foreign Language Centre at the University of Pécs, Hungary, constructs the ECL tests in Hungarian language and organises the administration of the exams worldwide. The exam measures general written and oral language ability used in everyday discourse based on the achievement of communicative goals at varying degrees of complexity, in line with the scopes and topics recommended by the CEFR. The FLC offers the ECL exams at four levels (CEFR A2, B1, B2, C1).
The Centre is responsible for assessing and providing certification of students’ knowledge of Hungarian. The official certificates of Hungarian as a foreign language are valid for enrolment in Hungarian universities and colleges. Among the examination sites there are universities, Hungarian Culture Centres, heritage language schools and other educational institutions. The Foreign Language Centre is involved in conducting research in Hungarian as a foreign language, training item writers and oral assessors, and providing in-service teacher training courses.


Mostantól egy interjú-sorozatban szeretnénk bemutatni a külföldi ECL vizsgahelyeinket, ahol a magyar nyelv oktatása mellett ECL magyar vizsgáztatás is folyik.

Lingua Hungarica Lehrerverein Frankfurt e.V.
(Frankfurt, Németország)

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Triangle Magyar Iskola
(Karolina, Durham)

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